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Upsetting Halloween Experience
By Amy Schmitt


November 07, 2006
Tuesday AM

I would like to express my frustration and sadness regarding an incident that happened at mile 14 N Tongass Hwy, on Halloween. My husband and I took our two little boys out to trick or treat down N. Pt. Higgins road (on foot) with our neighbors and their two little guys, and we were turning onto our road (across from Clover Pass Church) off N. Tongass Hwy when a big SUV made a horrible loud popping noise just as it passed our families. We thought this vehicle had blown a tire, and watched as they slowed down and hit the brakes. We were sure they had blown a tire or something and they would not be able to continue, and when they started to accelerate again we were stunned. With this knowledge, we decided to check the ditch "just in case," and our husbands crossed the highway to survey the situation. Lying in the ditch was a dog, and our children all started screaming and asking if it was any of their dogs or others in the neighborhood.

Had the people in the SUV (large, dark colored Ford Explorer type or big Truck with camper on back) stopped to check the damage, done the humane thing, I think this event would not still be weighing so heavily on two North Tongass families. In trying to do the right thing, it was necessary to remove the dog's collar and call his owner. We then made a report to the troopers and my husband met the lady to help her at the crash site. We recovered a piece of the vehicle at the crash site 9 inches long, and discovered pieces of the car as far as 75 feet away. According to the AK State Troopers, it is apparently not required to stop if you hit an animal in AK, but we keep wondering -- how could they be sure this was a dog???? It was Halloween, and many of our kids were out there in the dark.

My nine year old has decided to boycott Halloween due to this tragedy, and I just wanted to say thanks to the uncaring person who did not "do the right thing." Our boys are still asking why you did not stop? My sincere sadness goes out to the owner of this dog, and would like to ask that people "do the right thing" if you happen to strike an animal on the road.

Amy Schmitt
Ketchikan, AK

Received November 06, 2006 - Published November 07, 2006

About: "14 year resident of Ketchikan, and concerned mother of three boys."



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