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Ketchikan's Bridge
By Michael Spence


November 04, 2006
Saturday AM

Editor, Sitnews;

If the bridge that governor Murkowski is promoting really is Ketchikan's Bridge , then why have the 13,000 people of Ketchikan never been given a chance to decide and prioritize where their transportation dollars are going?

Instead, a gang of 27 like-minded bridge supporters were called for the latest of several years of partisan meetings to decide how to get and parcel out the money. That is who the bridge is for.

The people of Ketchkan really are smart enough to make these decisions for themselves, contrary to the dictates of the top-down oligarchy leadership of the past four years.

Vote for change, Ketchikan!


Michael Spence
Ketchikan, AK

About: "A resident, taxpayer, frequent user of the ketchikan airport, and a VOTER"



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