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Redefined marriage
By Kelly Needham


November 04, 2006
Saturday AM

I have been observing the many letters here regarding the same sex marriage and benefits issues currently happening in our state. And I have been both amazed and appalled at some of the opinions stated recently. I am not writing this letter to take sides or even indulge in my own personal opinions, but instead would like to remind people of a seemingly forgotten fact.

Marriage has already been re-defined before. Does no one remember that there used to be a time when people did not marry for love, and did not even have the opportunity to choose their own partner? Had that part of marriage not been "re-defined", then our parents would be choosing our "spouses" to this day. Back in those old times, marriage was not necessarily about love, but about wealth and prosperity. So let us not forget that as we face possibly "redefining" marriage, that this is not the first time marriage has been an issue.

Kelly Needham
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Have been married before, though I never "asked" permission from the government or "applied" for a license to love"



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