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The Bridge
By Greg Harris


November 04, 2006
Saturday AM

The poor Governor of the great state of Alaska doesn't seem to do his homework before he tries to trash the ideas of former resident and councilmember Don Hoff Jr. Accusing him of basically not knowing what Ketchikan is about and this ridiculous bridge.

Governor - the bridge is a really stupid idea. Sure some jobs would come along for mostly out-of-towners while under construction and then of course the Borough would have to hire a crew of workers just to maintain the bridge - call the state of Michigan or Washington and see how much they spend per year on maintenance for their bridges before you break ground though. It ain't cheap to maintain bridges nowadays.
And while I remember Don Hoff Jr., the councilmember, when I was living in Ketchikan, most of us back then used to call him "Running Mouth" because watching him on the televised meetings was all that and more - a mouth that wouldn't shut up, kinda like me here and now.

The land that this bridge would open up on Gravina would not bring cheaper housing alternatives for anyone unless they had the cash to afford it. It's that simple. Does the Governor think that another 13,000 people are going to move to Gravina after the bridge is built?

Anyway, Mr. Governor, next time check the facts first or have a staff member do so while you are on Alaska Air One going around telling everyone the "true" facts. For $395 million dollars the borough could run the ferries for another 60 years, at least.

I would hope they could anyway but you know how elected officials spend money......

After all, ask Karl "The government can do it better" Amylon - he knows how to spend Ketchikan's money!


Greg Harris
Springfield, OR

About: "20 yrs in alaska, 14 on The Rock"



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