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Hate, Greed & Fear
By Greg Harris


November 04, 2006
Saturday AM

Regarding Mr. McLaren's opinions, I really don't care if my neighbor is gay or not if they aren't trying to cram their "religion" down my throat. Using the Bible in any attempt to portray oneself as righteous, or "biblically correct" is a joke in my opinion. Who says the bible is even true? How do we even know? It's called Faith. Faith that something exists beyond our ability to understand. Understand that there are homosexuals on this earth-always have been-always will be. Raise your kids the way you want and hope for the best. But don't tell me because "the Bible says so".

Thank God I'm an Atheist! LOL

Greg Harris
Springfield, OR

About: "20 years in Alaska-14 on The Rock"




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