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Gas Pipeline - Priority for all Alaskans
By Bill Sheffield


November 04, 2006
Saturday AM

Dear Editor,

As election day nears, I am compelled to write to my many friends in Ketchikan to remind them what an important, even historic, election this is for Alaska, especially who we choose as our next Governor.

Alaska's dream of a natural gas pipeline is about to become reality and to make sure that Alaska gets the best possible deal - one that really meets the state's needs - we need an experienced, qualified leader at the helm of our ship of state. That leader is Tony Knowles. Make no mistake - the oil and gas industry will have their toughest, most experienced negotiators at the table on behalf of their shareholders and Alaska needs to have the same on behalf of our citizens.

Tony Knowles is the only candidate running for Governor who can deliver a gas pipeline project in the immediate future. He has the experience, the respect of those with whom he will be negotiating, and the knowledge of the critical issues surrounding this complex issue to get the job done with the best results for Alaskans.

As one who was honored to hold that office, I urge you to vote for Tony Knowles next Tuesday to ensure a bright future for all Alaskans.


Bill Sheffield
Governor of Alaska 1982-1986
Anchorage, AK

About: "Founder and owner of Sheffield Hotel Chain ; Governor of Alaska 1982-1986; CEO of Alaska Railroad; Currently Director of Port of Anchorage "




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