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Same sex marriage
By Tony Pollock


November 03, 2006

All men are created equal etc, I should not have to remind you of the rest. Why should homosexuals be denied these basic human rights as guaranteed in the declaration of independence. The whole constitution is set up to achieve and guarantee them. Are these any the less people?, Fellow human beings? Are you any the less married because they seek to be so? Do they not love each other? Do the principles of the constitution and human rights somehow not apply to them? So you are offended! Wow. Under the constution you have a right to be offended and they be offended by you, it cuts both ways. They are "Wrong," are they? and who decides what is right and wrong over this matter. Who appointed you the arbiter of right and wrong for all mankind? Only religious zealots use that excuse and since the United States separates religion and politics then there is no justification apart from plain bigotry and sexual racism and religious extremism to justify your position to ban same sex marriage. How are you harmed by others who wish to live their lives by another creed? Especially when they seek you no harm, why do you wish to harm them?

Personally I abhore the idea of same sex marriage but I defend to the death homosexual's right to be human and therefore worthy of our respect for life and all the happiness they can find and we, I, you, have no right to deny them that right. The only thing I have against them is the hi jacking of the English language which is my first love. Gay means happy and its use as a euphemism for homosexual is to me, offensive in the extreme. Doesn't everyone want a happy marriage?

J'Shua (That was his real name in case you didn''t know,") The Christ did not say, "Love one another as I have loved you," and then stick one finger in the air and add, "Except for the queers." His love was inclusive for all who love him and many homosexuals are also devout Christians. "Judge not lest ye also be judged." Wasn't that also one of his favourites. Let us live by the teachings of our messiah and practice them in our lives and not just pay lip service to them by prating prayers and then judging others. We should be Christians twenty four/seven and not just on Sundays. Allow the Lord to make these judgments, we have enough problems saving our own souls without being so damned sanctimoneous.

Tony Pollock
London, UK

About: Anthony Pollock is a "Writer and philospher."




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