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Consolidation Voter Fraud?
By Ken and Emo Bylund

November 03, 2006

Dear Editor,

We received our Consolidation ballot and as luck or cynicism would have it put two 39 cent stamps on the envelopes and mailed them off the next morning... then noticed item # 4 on the instructions that; It will cost 63 cents to mail your ballot. Anyone out there expect those ballots that were sent with one 39 cent stamp will make it to the Election Office or be returned by the post office in time to be re-sent with additional postage? What will they do next to ignore or defeat the will of the people... remember the Boston Tea Party... the war those old dead guys fought against the mentally ill King George II... get this - we don't want to pay for your Cruise Ship docks, we don't want to pay for more blunders like Schoenbar and now White Cliff and we voted on this before... we don't want or trust you with your ambitions of Consolidation! 
What we really need to put on the ballot;


on the ballot!!!!

Ken and Emo Bylund
Ketchikan, AK


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