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Revilla Road Trashed... Again!
By Jerry Cegelske


November 03, 2006

The uncouth slobs are at it again, or should I say still at it. Last week I was out on Revilla Road and observed someone had dumped a collection of junk for your viewing enjoyment. The dumping was so bad that you could easily see it from the air as the first photo shows.

jpg trash

Revilla Road's collection of junk
Photograph by Mike Salazar

How is it that they don't know or understand that they have already paid for disposal of the trash at the dump? I guess they just don't care about it. I hope they are proud of it so that when they get older, maybe I should say if they think about it now, some of the taxes they pay, their parents pay, their friends pay and you pay, will go to cleaning this mess up.

Thanks to those of you that called in to report the dumping.

Jerry Cegelske
Ketchikan, AK

About: Jerry Cegelske is a KGB Code Enforcement Officer.


Pile of dumped household effects

Tires and pickup shell

Chair and speaker

Full bottles of oil

Barrel and computer box

As it looked 10/30/06

Dumped engine

Engine block

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