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FINAL: Hate, Greed, and Fear
By Steven McLaren


November 01, 2006

I expect this may be the last time I enter an editorial related to this topic. I believe I've made my position as clear as I can in writing. However, I felt like I should focus on one last issue related to this.

After all the baseless talk, ironically, Mr. Freedland uses this tactic of FEAR to persuade us to believe in his words. He attempts to prey on our good natures and put the FEAR OF GOD into us. Making us think we re such bad people if we don t accept homosexual s ACTIONS. He states, And yes, I believe we will be damned not by what we tolerate but by how we respect our fellow human being on this planet. God, if anything, is about love and understanding. Those that distort his teachings to promote hate are misguided and unfortunate.

Anyone who studies the Bible and scriptures knows of God's abhorrence toward sexual sin. Though God would like us all to return to Him, everyone WILL NOT return to Heaven or have the opportunity to live with Him. God will always love the sinner, but will never approve of nor accept the sin. If this were the case, even the most evil homicidal maniacs could expect to go to Heaven. Thank goodness for the Atonement of Jesus Christ, those who repent of sin can be forgiven and still live again with God. But, we must repent in order to receive the remission of the sin. Though God loves everyone, it is sin and bad choices that will keep some from entering God s presence.

Believe it or not, I still love people who choose to make some of these terrible choices of which we ve discussed. [I even think Ellen is funny. Ha-ha] However, that does not mean we ever have to accept their choices. That doesn t mean they deserve all the benefits and blessings of those who choose not to make those bad choices.

People practicing in the sexual sins that I've mentioned, including homosexuality, need help and love but never to say that what they re doing is right. These are good people who are confused and who have a problem. No matter how homosexuality is spun, it is no different in reality than the other sexual sins that I've mentioned. We can use the same rationalization to justify why the sins of beastiality or plural marriage should be accepted also within our society.

As I've tried to explain, if we EXPAND what defines marriage. WE ARE ACCEPTING THEIR LIFESTYLES! This acceptance and the philosophy we ve heard from Mr. Freedland and others in our country will undoubtedly lead to further expansion of and acceptance of other NOW LESS POPULAR sexual sins.

Thank you,
Steven McLaren
Ketchikan, AK

About: "I have been a resident of Ketchikan for about nine years. I am active in the community and love Alaska."



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