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No Really My Last on HATE, GREED, and FEAR
By Steven McLaren


November 01, 2006

Let me clarify one last thing. I am not trying to "bash" homosexuals. I am not homophobic, and I hope you haven t misunderstood what I have tried to say (though some may try). I don't have any friends who are homosexual at this point in time. However, I m not above having a friend who is a homosexual/lezbian. This still would not, in any way, mean that I approve of his/her actions! Furthermore, I DO have friends who have commited other sexual sins such as Adultery. Which sin is better or worse than the other? I do not know, and I do not care! We all have sins, and thanks to God, we can overcome them and be forgiven.

The discussion that Mr. Freedland and I have conducted via the editorials is about whether same-sex unions, of homosexuals/lesbians, should be considered a legal marriage. Because of this, the issue of homosexuality has to be discussed.

I trust Mr. Freedland's and my letters have given you something more to think about on this issue. I still believe in our country and the people in it. Our great country was and is built on traditions and values. Let us not let them go!

Thank you,
Steven McLaren

About: "I have been a resident of Ketchikan for about nine years. I am active in the community and love Alaska."



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