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Consolidation ballots have started arriving
By Rodney Dial


November 01, 2006

The consolidation ballots have started arriving in mailboxes across the island. I received mine today. The envelope that the ballots come in says


It will be easy for many to confuse this with the November 7th General Election, or think that this is junk mail, but this is the official consolidation ballot. DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY, THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE TO VOTE ON CONSOLIDATION. If you have accidentally thrown yours away, or do not receive yours in the next ten days call the division of elections at 907-465-3021 or 907-375-6400, or email at

Follow the instructions included on the yellow paper for your vote to count and mail immediately.

As with the other important facts concerning consolidation you can expect that the Ketchikan Consolidation Commission will not provide this information / warning to the public. The fewer of you who vote the better the chance they have to override majority will. Please watch for your ballot and help us to once again tell them no.

Thank you.

Rodney Dial
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Please help us save Ketchikan. Vote no consolidation"



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