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Knowles on November 7th
By Dan Ortiz


November 01, 2006


If your goal is to elect a governor who has the most potential for acting in the best interests of the residents living in S.E. Alaska and for the residents of the state as a whole, then your choice should clearly be made in favor of Tony Knowles. I take that position based on three specific reasons:

1. Tony has the most experience in negotiating and working with the major oil companies and therefore he has the most potential in bringing about a "fair deal" for the Alaskan people and still accomplish the goal of building a gas pipeline. The article in the recent edition of the KDN illustrated that the executives of the oil companies who primarily are led by members of the Republican party, believe this to be the case, hence they have shifted their support to Knowles.

2. In the recent months of the campaign, Knowles has demonstrated that he has a clear understanding of the issues that face the Alaska Marine Highway System and his desire to support this critical component to our region's infrastructure with funding and fresh ideas. His main opponent, Sarah Palin has said nothing about this topic and frankly has avoided saying much of substance on many of the issues that face our state.

3. Tony Knowles has demonstrated experience in running a state administration. During Knowles two terms as governor his administration was scandal free. Sarah Palin was a mayor of a Wasilla, where she recently was quoted as saying, that if she is elected governor, that the members of that town can count on her to act in the best interests of the members of that town.

The partisan choice for most of the people in Southeast is Sarah Palin, the best choice is Tony Knowles.

Dan Ortiz
Ketchikan, AK

About: "37 year resident of Ketchikan"



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