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Recruiting for 350 Alaskan seafood workers begins now


November 22, 2005

ANCHORAGE ­ Seafood processing industry employers are recruiting now through Dec. 9 for more than 350 Alaska workers needed for the Pollock "A" season, the state's largest commercial fishery. Recruiting is also starting for the opilio crab and Pacific cod seasons, according to employment specialists at the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Seafood processing work is expected to begin early in January in the Bering Sea area, including Dutch Harbor and St. Paul, and will last through late April.

Job applicants should pre-apply in advance at any of the 24 statewide Alaska Job Center locations. Applications can also be found online at (Click on "Seafood Jobs.") Applicants must also be available for in-person interviews at the Anchorage Job Center Midtown, 3301 Eagle St. Recruiting interviews are scheduled to begin Nov. 28 and continue through Dec. 9. Specific interview dates for different companies and locations are listed below. Successful applicants must pass a preemployment physical, drug screening and criminal background check for some jobs.

"Experienced seafood workers who live in any of the six Community Development Quota areas
in Western Alaska are especially urged to apply for these jobs," said Labor Commissioner Greg O'Claray. "These seasonal seafood processing jobs are an opportunity for young and rural Alaskans to earn money quickly and begin building a work history."

The majority of processing jobs involve the value-added preparation of fresh seafood, including filleting, canning and freezing. Job locations include both shore-based plants and on board large atsea processing ships. Typical starting pay for onshore workers is $7.15 an hour plus overtime. There are also room and board and travel incentives. Companies generally provide room and board and transportation to the location. Return transportation is provided once workers complete the season. At-sea processing jobs are among the highest paid for seafood workers. Pay is by percentage of catch or by case rate based upon the market value of the product being produced, with a guarantee of at least minimum wage.

Workers must be age 18 for many companies and locations where workers are housed in
bunkhouses. Some exceptions allow 16- and 17-year-olds if they have their own housing and aren't required to work with knives or machinery.

The in-person interview schedule is as follows:

gif interviews

Additional employment information is available on the Alaska Job Center Network Web site at Click on "Seafood Jobs" and "Anchorage Recruitments" for schedules
and links to job descriptions. Job information is also available in Anchorage by calling the
Anchorage Job Center Midtown Seafood Employment Of· ce at 269.4775 or toll-free statewide
at 1.800.473.0688.


Source of News:

Alaska Department of Labor



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