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Ketchikan Lions To Host Mid-Winter Conference
by M.C. Kauffman


November 01, 2005

Ketchikan, Alaksa - It's been a long time since the local Lions Club has hosted the District 49A Mid-Winter Conference in Ketchikan. According to Marvin Hill President of the Ketchikan Lions, they aren't even sure how long it's been - although Hill said they think it was about twenty-two years ago.

jpg Ketchikan Lions

Ketchikan Lions Pictured: Tony Azure ,Steve Sherva, Marvin Hill, Gretchen Klein, Sally, Steve Corporon, Don Haseltine, Cher'e Klein, John Gilbert, and Bob Combs.
Photograph courtesy Ketchikan Lions Club

Hill said, "A lot has changed since then. Timber and commercial fishing do not dominate the local economy the way they used to, while tourism has expanded to unprecedented proportions. I can tell you what hasn't changed are the indomitable spirit and devotion to community service harbored by the people of Ketchikan including the Lions."

Approximately 100 Lions Club members from around Alaska are expected to attend the District 49A Mid-Winter Conference on November 10th-12th. The conference opens on Thursday evening, November 10th at the Ted Ferry Civic Center, at which time Marvin Hill will greet the guests. Meetings will be held on Friday followed by a banquet on Saturday.

The Lions Clubs are community service providers. According to Ketchikan Lions President Marvin Hill, "One of the more visible and appreciated projects we work on is the construction of school bus shelters. We also are responsible for the annual Fourth of July Fireworks." He said, "When I say responsible I mean we do it all, including raising the money, obtaining the permits, ordering the shells, setting up the launch tubes and firing the rounds." Hill noted, "The hardest part is battling our infamous weather. In fact this year the weather won and we were unable to launch so we have a special treat planned for the community on New Year's Eve -weather permitting of course."

Hill plans to give a weather forecasting tip to the conference guests. "Look eastward from the Ted Ferry Civic Center towards the high peak closest to Tongass Narrows which is Deer Mountain. If you can't see the top it's raining. If you can see the top it will start raining soon. It has always worked for us."

To register for the conference call 225-8682. The registration fee is $100.00, which includes meals.



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