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A suggestion
By Michael Nelson


November 30, 2005

Alright, no laughing at my bridge substitute, and if someone has already suggested this idea, I apologize for being out of the loop and bringing it up again.

No doubt, a number of us have been at major airports where they have had above ground and underground passageways strictly for pedestrians, with the underground versions being tunnels or even something akin to San Francisco's BART trans-bay tubes. So why not for Ketchikan, a smaller version that would have small trains or even something as simple as moving walkways?

Ketchikan is not prone to earthquakes like San Francisco is, and since the trans-bay tubes held up quite well in the 1989 quake, it would be a safe bet that creating a smaller version of the trans-bay tube design would yield similar safety assurances.

So, if the bridge is off the drawing board, then why not run a similar system under the Tongass Narrows at the narrowest spot between the airport and Revillagigedo?? I am sure that it would be a whole heck of a lot cheaper than the bridge, it would be a faster transit to the airport than the bridge and it would probably be easier to maintain than the bridge.

If I still lived there, I for one, would certainly venture a short walk under the Narrows (on a moving walkway to expedite my progress) to get over to the airport or back to Ketchikan.

So, I am just throwing that out as food for thought. Best regards from Washington, D.C.
Michael Nelson
Oakton, VA - USA


Note: Michael Nelson was raised in Ketchikan. He now works for the federal government and lives in VA.


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