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Discussing differences about public issues
By Robert McRoberts


November 29, 2005

I sometimes worry about running into and talking to the ones who disagree with me, but I don't. However, I do keep running into people that feel the same way about Ketchikan's bridge as I do and they all seem to have a little different idea about what should be done. The ones that really are pushing this thing must have too much to do other than talk to someone like me. Heck, maybe even to busy to give me a nod. You all know who you are.

I will say this, you are never going to convince the rest of the State if you can not even convince or listen to the different ideas from locals.

I put what I thought were some good ideas out last weekend. It seems like only ex-borough assembly member George Tipton was on the same track. If we built better ferries all the monies could stay in Ketchikan and the shipyard would get the work. If we connected up the roads and built new ones, the smaller local contractors would get the work. Gravina would still get developed as we could use the ferries. Cape Fox could use their land and start paying taxes on it. By extending South Tongass to White River, tour busses could make a loop getting in both south and north in one ride. Mahoney could be developed as hydro power. Once we finished the intertie, maintaining it would be cheaper. We would not have to use expensive means of transportation to get to Swan Lake in a emergency, or just for fuel. All this would take effect now - not in ten years when the bridge gets finished. If it ever will. 
Recreation would blossom, Ward Lake could relax a bit by spreading out the trout fishermen. Four-wheelers would be able to go to other places and not continue tearing up Harriet Hunt. Kayakers could get to the Misty Fjords without going around Point Alva. Campers could actually go out and camp somewhere and not be limited to a campground with screaming kids - and I could keep going on.

It would all start happening now, not in ten years. To me it just seems like too much money going the wrong way to get out. Ketchikan is "Nowhere" to the rest of the state. Only a few service men in Anchorage go through here moving up north, and that is because they're on the ferry - they never get off.

Last thought. It's probably cheaper to fly in to Nome from Seattle than it is to get here.
Well have a nice day to all who agree with me. To the rest, I hope you get over it.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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