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By Morgan Doubleday


November 29, 2005

I would say to Ms. Norton that it seems abundantly clear that a Wilderness Refuge Status would make ANWAR a hands off for development of ANY kind. No developement - none. This area is off limits, set aside, protected as a completely wild untouched pristine peace of earth. Some of the last of the last magnificent wilderness lies within the bounderies of this remote paradise.

We don't need to pave paradise to get that last barrel of oil like Bush and his oil cronies would have you believe. We need to switch to alternate forms of energy. Bio-diesel, more efficient autos, more solar and wind power, more efficient heating and cooling systems. I think we all know that fossil fuels are finite and we need to make major adjustments. We have seen the end of cheap oil, will we see the end of oil as well.

Let's skip over this smoke screen issue of oil in Anwar and start addressing the real Task of becoming less oil dependent.

Morgan Doubleday
Sitka, AK - USA


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The administration's chief cheerleader for permitting the careful exploitation of ANWR is Gale Norton, the market-savvy Secretary of the Interior, which manages 20 percent of the land of the United States. I talked to her Nov. 17 by telephone from her offices in Washington: - More...
Monday - November 28, 2005



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