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U.S. Debt Over $7 Trillion
By Jay Jones


November 29, 2005

Who are these people that we've elected to office? These so-called Republicans. What ever happened to the party platform of limited government? I guess that was 7 trillion dollars of debt ago. Mr. Stevens talks about how Alaska could and should get more of the Federal "pie". Why? We receive more than we pay in federal taxes while we sit on a big pot of money. Just like pigs at a trough. Evidently, regardless of party affiliation, the primary job of a U.S. Senator is to procure as much of the largesse as possible. Why else would Stevens threaten to quit over it?

People talk about creating jobs for Alaskans by using our (oops, those other people's) tax dollars for a bridge. Are the people living out at the old Ward Cove Cannery from Ketchikan? I am waiting for a news story on them and why they live there.

Maybe we could get the Chinese to finance the bridge directly if Uncle Sam won't play ball. You know, cut out the middleman. Foreign countries already finance over 1/2 our debt through Treasury bond sales. Over 7 trillion in debt and we're still considered a good investment, imagine that. Heck, we've even managed to maintain a "triple A" rating. I can only imagine where those investors would be putting their money if this country stuck to the Constitution and only sold bonds in times of national emergency or war (declared I would hope).

Maybe we should save all these big public works boondoggles (shipyard, bridge etc.) until the next big depression. It shouldn't be too far off. Just about the time other people quit financing our greed.

Jay Jones
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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