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Bridge Critics '1' - Democracy '0'
by Jim Dornblaser


November 26, 2005

As I understand the facts & bridge planning, our future bridge to Gravina Island was voted on & approved by the U. S. Congress. That process was democratic & all duly elected legislators had a chance to cast their vote.

Following the legal legislative process, the executive branch (President Bush) signed the appropriations bill into law.

From here on out I don't understand. All I know is the "law" got changed without due representation (congressional approval).

Public outcry by a few & national coverage by the news media seems to have reversed an act of congress! Is that not "Oligarchy"? A few have just over-ruled the representatives of the majority!

I believe in our government & way of life under democratic control. Why can't we follow our elected leaders instead of listening to a few "CRY-BABIES".

Jim Dornblaser
Ward Cove, AK - USA



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