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To Those Who Criticize...
By Dave Henderson


November 18, 2005

Walt, your message "To Those Who Criticize our Commanders" was right on the mark and very well put! I have friends serving in Iraq who watch and read the "news" from the states and feel strongly that the lack of support and what they see as treasonable remarks by so many, especially people in positions of authority, is placing them in jeopardy and could well be the downfall of all that they have worked so hard to accomplish and which many have already given their precious lives for.

I wish I could afford to place ads in all the major newspapers in the US because I believe people like Howard Metzenbaum need to be exposed for the traitors and gutless whimps they are. I feel strongly that we need a campaign to get these disgraceful and poor excuses for representatives of the people bumped out of office as soon as possible. It amazes me how people like Metzenbaum and Ted Kennedy even managed to get into office let alone re-elected!

Although they don't actually say it, it is my opinion that these people share in the belief of the "Better Red Than Dead" mentality of the '70's. Obviously these people do not realize how taking the position they have could some day make it impossible for their descendants to be able to have the freedom to make such statements.

Dave Henderson
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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