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By Linda Burger


November 17, 2005

I think that UAS is in serious need of an overhaul! In the one year that I've been a student at UAS, I"ve had numerous courses canceled at the last minute and I've had all my paperwork for admission lost.

Now please keep in mind that I am an international student by their definition. How do you just "lose" important international documents? No answer. Will they make any attempt at launching an intensive investigation into what happened? Oh yes, but we passed the buck back to the person's responsible for this mishap. (this was an actual answer I received from admissions personnel in Juneau)

So I'm left with the enormous task of requesting documents and all the relative information needed, at my expense and time with no help from UAS.

When I eventually do receive these documents again, and after handing (reluctantly) them over to the Ketchikan campus, I was informed that it will be processed and forwarded to Juneau.

A few weeks later I called Juneau up to inquire the status of my application. When I asked the lady whether Ketchikan has sent them my file, the very friendly lady replies: "I haven't opened the mail yet for today, so I don't know".

With this type of organization, is it surprising that I'm already finished with half my credits for my degree program, but still struggling to get admitted? How do you allow someone to register and complete courses without having any knowledge of that person's previous educational qualification? I could have finished a year at college without even having a GED, and they wouldn't have known about it!

Linda Burger
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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