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Schoenbar Middle School Miracle Needed
By Jackie Williams


November 15, 2005

Dear Editor,

Our community needs a miracle in regard to the Schoenbar Middle School debacle!

I feel everyone, and I mean everyone including the powers that be, are at their wits end. As to the governing bodies, in their earthly reign they are covering their assets as is their duty and are doing so diligently.

What can we citizens do at this point? There is no more patience, and hope is petering out too, the only thing left is faith and that is in a quiver and about to be lost altogether. Not being one to attend church very often I do not know what is being said in the pulpits about this state of affairs, yes prayer works so we can do that.

The feeling of helplessness concerning this situation is deep in me, being powerless to do the right thing for my seventh grader is grating on my last nerve. I for one have a serious need to act, though I m not sure what I can do as a peaceable person and just one individual. What does comes to mind is we need a miracle to remove the curse (accursed circumstance) from Schoenbar. We know the many problems but what is the solution? I can not contribute to the physical cure; it s not my area of expertise. But at this point I am an expert at being frustrated in this regard and the only tool in my bag of tricks is to pray and use my voice/pen/keyboard. Perhaps this is how God answers my prayer of what can I do, use me.

Just a suggestion! The story of Joshua and Jericho come to mind (Joshua Ch. 6). Maybe all the citizens can get together and partake of an emotional, spiritual, therapy,whatever you want to label it, and symbolically follow the model of Joshua and his march around the City of Jericho. What would it take to do this? Seven (7) days, probably a permit for a gathering and seven (7) Spiritual Leaders with trumpets (horns) to go before the symbolic Ark of our community s emotional needs. For six (6) days at sunrise, Hmm... About 8am;
M-S, everyone walk around the school in silence save for the Spiritual Leaders blowing trumpets. On the seventh day - Sunday, walk seven (7) times around the schools in silence, save for the seven (7) Spiritual Leaders blowing trumpets and give a great shout on cue. What would be the result if this came to happen?

I believe it would be a Miracle. If this effort to act in a peaceable fashion, with all citizens (Spiritual Leaders, Politicians, Parents, Students, Citizens), who feel a desperate need to do something took place, we would have a bond in healing our selves to some degree.

Just maybe everything wrong with the building would vanish by the touch of God acting through us, A truly Holy Miracle.

Just a thought, through the fog of my angst,

Jackie Williams
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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