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Ketchikan Borough Water
By Robert McRoberts


November 13, 2005

I have been wondering, if the city water has a problem with the dead bugs and has to put in an expensive plant to clean this problem up because it is said by some to cause cancer, why hasn't the water supplied by the borough not received the same testing? At this time the water they're selling us comes out brown sometimes high chlorine sometimes low. the only time I drink the water is in my coffee. When it comes out brown and chlorine smelling how many dead bugs are in this. They give us some funky report but I can not understand it. I do understand we have a choice to hook up to this water and I have - so I have the right to ask about it. I was on the Shoup Street Water Board till they changed over to South Tongass Service Area. Then someone didn't want me on that, so they took me out. I was replaced by people from Herring Cove and Forest Park - neither of which drink the water. Now they want to take the water to Herring Cove to tie in to Whitman Lake for a water source.
Here's what I am getting at. If the run off on one side of Deer Mountain is cancer causing and needs the big filter plant built to cure this, is the water from the Whitman lake side any different? Why would the borough not have to filter their water with such a expensive plant. I just see this getting very expensive just because someone can not get along. The city's going to put in a filter if South Tongass would hook up to city water. It would surely save us in the long run. Let's get some answers before we make another big mistake as we seem to do a lot. I have given up on the service area and do not feel going there is going to do anything but waste good time of mine. Now I got every one reading my comments thinking about it. Can any one take this farther?
O darn I have to test this idea out. The price of fuel has to do with the operating cost of the airport ferry. Why could we not replace it with an electric motor ferry? It could charge itself up every time it docks, then there would be even less of a reason to need a bridge. I have never even had to change the oil in my cordless drill and I have used it for 10 years now. Besides, even Governor Murkowski is starting to think he's not going to get his bridge.
In closing, I too would like to thank all the veterans for what you endured to protect my right to state my opinion right here. My father served on a destroyer in WW2 and my oldest brothers went to Nam. But for me getting out in the 80s, we had no real threats. It's like we could get along - at least till now. Too bad our boys have to be where they should not be - in the name of oil.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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