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Halloween on Jackson Street
By Jacquie Meck


November 10, 2005
Thursday PM

If you not all tired of hearing about Halloween on Jackson Street I would like to add a little more.

We have lived on Jackson Street for over 20 years, and would like to thank the children and their families (many do have parents with them) for making October 31st REALLY FUN and interesting!

THE CANDY: We start buying candy about 3-6 months ahead of time (12-15 jumbo bags). I have to admit that the type varies - in lean years (after the Pulp Mill closed and Bob lost his job) we passed out a lot of "Smarties" - but we may be indicative of a healthier Ketchikan economy these days because we are once again able to mix in some nice candy bars etc.. In the last year or so, there have been groups and individuals who have contributed - THANK YOU for your generosity .... but we don't expect/require it ... it all comes with the territory.

PASSING OUT the candy: We have a number of friends who live in other neighborhoods where they only get an occasional knock on their door, and they miss the good old days" .... so we invite them over and feed them pizza! Having 3-4 extra adults ... and a few kids too who don't want to miss out on the action (mostly grandchild age these days) around is cool .... they fight over who is going to the door!

ACCESS: Yes, it's a pain in the rear when our planning gets off, but SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE ALTERNATIVE! I actually love to go out in the street - so full of people that it looks like a street party - and say hi ... a least a few times during the night.

TEENAGERS: Did anybody mention that? They are also welcome at our house - some semblance of a costume and manners are required, but 99.9% who come do, and I'd rather have them here than out doing some mischievous activities.

We have thought about moving a few times over the years, but we just can't quite leave this neighborhood .... so I say Hip, Hip, Hooray for the Halloween tradition on Jackson Street!!!

Most Sincerely,
Jacquie Meck
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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