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Alcohol Problem in Alaska
By Morgan Doubleday


November 09, 2005
Wednesday PM

Reading the Police/Court reports of Ketchikan, Sitka and Juneau have convinced me that this culture has developed a serious alcohol PROBLEM here in Alaska. It's not possible to read the numbers of alcohol reports logged daily by the officers on duty and not come to the conclusion that Alcohol is a major problem in our communities. Problem consumption is at the base of just about every case on the court calender. As a Judge I would be very disappointed to see the same folks time and again, and then it appears to be children of these same folks following in their footsteps.

No I'm not anti-alcohol (past Bar owner) nor proposing prohibition, I'm just saying let's look at things we can do to change these poor patterns that we have fallen into, take the burden off of the court system and do more to help our friends and neighbors with this disease called alcoholism.

Morgan Doubleday
Sitka, AK - USA




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