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We do have humor...
By David Anderson


November 09, 2005
Wednesday PM

Obviously if someone afflicts the same bit of humor Bob, you can't dish it out either. I took your bit with humor, but sometimes you must be careful on how it is perceived. As for Nuclear Power Plants, I m as just as knowledgeable as the next person. It provides inexpensive power and clean. However one wrong move and it can be deadly such as what happen in 1952 with Chalk River plant in Ottawa, Canada, 1957 with the Windscale Pile No. 1, north of Liverpool, England, 1979 with Three Mile island, 1986 with Chernobyl and Japan in 1999 and 2004.

The one good thing with a specialized car tag promoting Nuclear Energy would be it would glow in the dark, therefore providing safety from a rear-end collision. See, we do have humor in the SCV.

David Anderson
Conyers, GA - USA


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