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Missing the point
By Danielle Groghan


November 09, 2005
Wednesday PM

I think some of you are missing the point on Mrs. Brooks' letter about the Jackson street closure. How do I know this??? Because I grew up on Jackson street, as a matter of fact, right across the street from where she now resides. And my family still lives there.

As I mentioned, I grew up on Jackson street and trick or treated in that area. When I got home from trick or treating, my family would show me the tally of how many kids they had passed out candy to. And, as I got older, I became the one who kept the tally. Back then, it was normal to have 500-800 trick or treaters (depending on the weather). It is now normal to see 800-1000 from what I understand!

Ms. Amundson was right, some of us did sign the petition to close the street, and we were thankful because we knew our children would be safe. However, we did not realize that by doing this, it would in fact become the only "real" place in town to trick or treat. Since day one - I have felt that others (or at least the City) should be helping out on the cost of candy.

A donation box is a wonderful idea and should be explored. If I still lived in Ketchikan, I would gladly start that campaign!

Danielle Groghan
Juneau, AK - USA




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