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Fuel Prices
By John Fraley


November 08, 2005

A few days after Kartina our fuel prices went to over $3.00 a gallon. Over the past month fuel prices went down around the United States and in other cities here in Alaska. Why didn't our fuel prices go down?

Look at the price of unleaded gas around our state and around the US.

Gas Prices around the State and Nation

Anchorage, AK   $2.51
Fairbanks, AK   $2.65
Juneau, AK   $2.83
Palmer, AK   $2.65
Ketchikan, AK   $3.08

Indianapolis, IN   $2.07
Rolla, MO   $1.97
Independence, MO   $1.95
Tacoma, WA   $2.44
Seattle, WA   $2.69
Medford, OR   $2.57
Eureka, CA   $2.49
Chicago, IL   $2.65
New York City, NY   $2.75
Tampa, FL   $2.69
Gulfport, MS   $2.59
Houston, TX   $2.37
New Orleans, LA   $2.41

Just Wondering!!!

John Fraley
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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