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Ease the burden
By Connie Williams


November 08, 2005


I read a letter on your site regarding Halloween on Jackson/Monroe Streets. "We were all kids once".

Having grown up on Monroe Street, I too, spent many a Halloween evening on Monroe and Jackson. Of course, in the 60's the road was not blocked off nor was the entire community invited.

The "All City Halloween Party" is nice, but does not really stay in the relm of what "Trick or Treat" is all about. The residents of Jackson and Monroe Streets are to be commended for putting out about $300 - $400 worth of candy, dealing with having to either 1. get off work early to get the car home, or 2. find a place to safely park the car until they open the street back up.

I believe the City should help the homeowners of this neighborhood to offset the disruption they are forced to deal with each year. Perhaps a credit on their KPU bill, or property tax would be sufficient. Some of these families are young, trying their best to make ends meet, and yet, when Halloween comes around, they must be thankful for an October payout (PFD) to help pay for candy.

Perhaps in the future, one or all of the grocery stores (and Walmart) could set up a donation box, so that other families in the community who take their children to this neighborhood on Halloween could purchase candy and "donate" it to those folks on Jackson/Monroe to help ease the burden.


Connie Williams
Belfair, WA - USA


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