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Sealaska pains or gains???
By Michael Nelson


November 07, 2005

I just opened up my copy of the November 2005 Sealaska newsletter and on page 3, I read about Sealaska's sale of the Calder mine. Clearly absent from the article was how much Sealaska profited from the sale of the Calder mine? Or did Sealaska make any profit at all from the sale of the mine??? How about some honest answers to concerned shareholders rather than stating that "Sealaska President and CEO Chris McNeil is excited about the opportunity the sale will bring to the Prince of Wales region."

I do not work for Sealaska, but if I did, I would encourage my Board of Directors to be more forthcoming with shareholders, and I have shared my concerns with Mr. McNeil. If Sealaska lost millions of dollars on the Calder sale, so be it, but be honest about it, the truth may hurt, but please be honest with your shareholders.

Thank you.

Michael Nelson
Oakton, VA - USA




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