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What about us?
By Robert McRoberts


November 01, 2005

By now everyone thinks I am against the bridge, but I too supported a bridge to Gravina. But at that time our governor did not disclose the outrageous price tag. We did not get a good price on other options that were available. I look at it like it is our monies, and I am not used to spending other people's monies. Boy isn't that fun. We have gained great respect for our foolishness. We are now talked about all over the country by a few that have a problem with everything someone else does. They can not even get their complaints right. My real problem with this is that for the future of Ketchikan, the road out of town is more important. Just my opinion though. It would even take less time to build up our future than 100 years and a lot more local jobs would be created as there are a lot more road builders. But I have said it all before. It saddens me to hear these articles saying how the Golden Gate made San Francisco so big. What made San Fransisco big is that they had one of the only harbors on the west coast and highways and railroads to the rest of the country. Take your money and go away buddy. are we fools to believe your articles.
Now I just want to touch on the road out of town once more. After all considering the big hurricanes and people evacuating areas, where would we go if we had to evacuate for some reason? We have nowhere. Say Seattle was wiped out, how would we get supplies for southeastern Alaska? If a tsunami is coming, we'll all need to go up to Lake Harriet Hunt. Alaska Air can not evacuate us. I would hate to be on the ferry with all you screaming fools. It seems we live in the perfect world and nothing bad will ever happen to us.
Damn, I just can't quit. I was just wondering why I see the water truck on the airport ferry unloading water. Is it not a fact that when the airport ferry terminal was built the airport manager pulled the monies for a water line because he was afraid that they would then have to put in a restroom? Why do I care about this? Have I had to wait in line to piss on the walls there because I can not hold it any longer? Sure it was nice to see the porta potties show up. You sure care about the locals. We spent something like $200,000 for restrooms for tourist at Totem Bight. Just who pays the price?
It is funny, the tourist come to our beautiful state and pay us nothing and we do every thing for them, build big docks and so on. We put in restrooms in the middle of our forest and parks, build them nice hiking trails and we pay for it all. The big boy sit back in the Caribbean and laugh. Sure is great.
Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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