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Youth Leadership Institute 2004
by Jennifer Lluellyn of PATCHWorks


November 01, 2004

Ketchikan, Alaska - Approximately 25 youth and adults attended the 2004 Youth Leadership Institute October 15-17 at the Silver King Lodge. The program provided opportunities for youth to learn from fun games and activities designed to develop teamwork along with leadership skills.

jpg Javier Sanchez

Motivational speaker and trainer Javier Sanchez

Youth created their perfect leader out of clothes, balloons and anything else they could get their hands on. They played the food rendition of Survivor, including the pudding toss and whistling crackers.  Forts were built out of paper and straws to fit one person, while water balloons were thrown from any direction. Smaller houses were built out of the same materials but had to be accomplished completely in silence.

Participants and staff were inspired by motivational speaker and trainer Javier Sanchez from Youth-to-Youth in Columbus, Ohio. Javier expressed the need to set goals, be an example for others, and live life loud and clear so that your peers and others know that you're living a healthy lifestyle. 

Ketchikan resident Russell Thomas was also a guest speaker. Thomas delivered the message to be passionate about the causes you choose to pursue, recognize your ability to make change in others, and to thank those who helped you become a leader. 

Ketchikan High School Junior Alejandro Chavarria said about the training, "I thought that the Youth Leadership Institute was fun and worthwhile because I met a lot of new people and learned a lot of qualities in a good leader." 

This event was sponsored by PATCHWorks, Revilla Island Prevention Coalition, Ketchikan Indian Corporation, Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District, the Alaska Ice project, and the Association of Alaska School Boards.



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