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by Mike McColley


November 30, 2004

Don, I would say by now with the surveying and drill testing, I am pretty sure the bridge is going to go thru. So now you can attack something else you don't like. Try sports with a coach that has made his son start and play when better kids sit on the bench, don't even make the team and are not picked because the coach wasn't fair. He was just trying to keep the parents and kids around who support him.

Sometimes life isn't fair. That's one reason that Ketchikan has not been able to beat Juneau because of favoritism in sports by a coach. This has been done for years and years and every one knows this. I think that soon it will catch up and the kids will stop playing sports or quit keeping their grades up if coaches like this are allowed to keep coaching.

I believe there are a lot of kids that are being left behind because of the way some coaches are picking favorite kids. The ones that should have been picked see this and have a very negative attitude towards sports which in turn may hurt their grades in the schools.

Who puts their foot down Don? All coaches are not like this. There are a few which make the Ketchikan sports program look bad when a few coaches are allowed to get away with favoritism.

Mike McColley
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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