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by Flo Long


November 26, 2004

I have been reading the Ketchikan daily news regarding the company wanting to purchase KPU telephone division. It would be an injustice for the city to take this away from the people of Ketchikan.

I lived in NM for 31 years before coming to the great state of Alaska. I saw our local telephone company do the same thing. When our city council told us it would be better for the people and the city,, they were wrong. To get service, we had to call Phoenix, AZ. They had to send someone down 200 miles away. We were charged more and the service was not so well handled.

But we folks in Ketchikan at least will have a say, we can vote on the issue. Please city council, reconsider this matter, for the people that voted for you. Do not let the same thing happen. The large company will effect everyone in the community. More jobs will go and people will be displaced again. Do we want more unemployment in Ketchikan.


Flo Long
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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