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The Tax Man
by Robert McRoberts


November 20, 2004

I would like to thank Mr. Finegan on his reply to my letter. I do understand a bit more on the issues.

Basically, he who has to power to take will take. I still do not believe it is fair but then what is fair in life? There seems to be a rule book and its rules are to make it very hard for a small business to survive in this community. No wonder we spend so much money trying to get the big businesses - you already know the small businesses can not survive here.

I thought I was setting myself up for a livelihood of doing great work for our community. But since I can not even try to get ahead I should have just worked for the government.

With insurance going up a third and fuel doing the same, I am forced to raise my rates so I can make a living with what I have invested. Sorry to all my customers, but I am tired of having so much invested and not getting much out of it. I guess I will be getting a lot less work knowing that most of the people will opt out of doing the work, or have the non-licensed or non-insured do the work where the government gets nothing.

In the past two years working inside of the city has gotten ridiculous. But the weekender still rents the machines and do their things because it's cheaper - till they tear their houses and every other thing up. But of course you get sales tax from the rental company.

I was hoping some day to finely get a new boat again - I might not get there again. I had to sell the last one to buy a new motor for my equipment a few years back. I had to sell my trucks that were paid off last year to get through last winter. Good thing I pay my bills so I could buy a new one with zero down.

Well I am done whining. Maybe some one will take me fishing. We can row out there together because I know you're in the same boat.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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