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RE: "Forgotten"
by Rick Grams


November 20, 2004

Whether or not Daryl Worley is any kind of advisor the words he sings ring true to the majority of Americans.

While it is sad that the process of bringing terrorism down to a level of irrelevancy is taking such a dedicated and lengthy effort, it is nevertheless worthwhile. Apparently terrorists have forgotten how unsuccessful the act of terrorism actually is. Take for example the bombing of a USO in Naples, Italy during the fall of 1988 I was there and haven't forgotten. The act served no purpose other than to kill innocent people. It forced absolutely no policy change by the American government and should not have.

While French leadership appears to place financial benefits over the freedom of any country including itself we are once again able to point out another one of America's great strengths. We do not forget. We do not forget the attacks and we do not forget the people who have fought for this country. Nor do we forget those that have been injured or killed. As a good friend of mine says, "No Profit over Patriotism".

France can forget. Thank God America will not!

Rick Grams
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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