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Re: Forgotten
by Emily Katz


November 20, 2004

Regarding the "Have We Forgotten?" song words in relation to Mr. Chirac and his accusing us of being the villains in Iraq; Charlotte Glover asks if the man who suggested the song has a message for the pacifist French has elevated the singer to the position of Presidential Advisor. Songwriters and poets just like political cartoonists and yes, letter to the editor writers have always contributed their viewpoints on pressing political issues. This is good and their ability to speak and write freely is what our nation has fought for since its birth more than two hundred years ago.

Ms. Glover's bitter sarcasm seems to indicate that she opposes remembering the terrible things that happened to us on 9/11/2001. Perhaps she has also forgotten herself that Americans of our great grandparents generation gave their lives to fight for France in WWI and that our grandparents freed France from the Nazis in WWII and that our parents protected France from expansionist Communism at a tremendous cost through thirty years of cold war. We did this after having given the French billions of dollars to help re-build that country after the Second World War. We should also remember and the French should always learn from and remember that they surrendered to the Nazis after a few days of war followed by years of cowardice and collaboration.

The French owe us their very lives and certainly their freedom and all we ask is that they give us a fair hearing instead of taking all that Oil for Food money and then treating us like tyrants. Once again we are fighting for freedom, coming to the aid of an oppressed people in an embattled part of the world and the French are again collaborating with the enemy of Peace and Freedom.

I don't care who says, writes or sings it. Let's make damn sure that we have not "Forgotten" who started all of the fighting this time and it was not us!

Emily Katz
Seattle, WA - USA



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