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Fight fire with fire!
by Jared Fields


November 18, 2004

The Islamic terrorist mind set is totally governed by their extremist religious beliefs. In a recent skirmish in Iraq when terrorist were asked to surrender, they replied, "We would rather die and go to heaven!" Well, so would we all if it were only that easy. While this is a change from the usual white flag, if my back's to the wall I'm only surrendering.

With the trickery used by Islamic terrorists, we must realize we're not fighting a conventional army with any rules of war and engagement. Terrorism hides within the populace and uses any resource available including women and children.

If the United States and the free world want to win this war on terrorism, we must not burden our freedom fighters with a set of rules of war when engaging terrorists. The world media has condemned a Marine for shooting a wounded terrorist the same day a marine was killed and eight wounded by a booby trapped body!

How would you fight the terrorists? Fight fire with fire!

Jared Fields
Pikeville, KY - USA



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