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Don't take Ketchikan for granted
by Toni Hannah Bianco


November 13, 2004

Just wanted to say I found your site while looking at Ketchikan sites online.

I had the honor to be employed by the Ketchikan Police Department for several years in the early 1980's, and it one of the most pleasurable and educational experiences I have ever had in my life. Unfortunately, my Mom became ill and I had to move back to Arkansas, but I have never forgotten my awesome time spent in the city of Ketchikan, so many people befriended me and looked out for me, as I was all alone there, and had no family there. The people I worked with at the Police Department became like family and I still miss them and wonder what they are doing now and if they are still there.

For the people fortunate enough to live in a place like Ketchikan, I can tell you, please don't take it for granted, you live in an awesome place with great people, and you never realize how wonderful it is until you leave it!

Best wishes to you all.

Toni Hannah Bianco
Jonesboro, AR - USA



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