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Personal Property Tax?
by Robert McRoberts


November 13, 2004

I would like some input on what personal property tax is. I do not mean property tax for your home. I have become a criminal and I would like to know why the Borough thinks they have a right to tax me on my tools. I am a skilled Craftsman and I have a right to buy the tools to make a living doing what I do best. What I can not understand is why I have to pay a tax on tools I invested in to last a few years. They are basically my retirement if there is anything left of them when I am too broken down to do my job any more.

Just tell me why. I know some one reads this that can answer this question. When I went to the borough I got no answers - just told I have to pay. How do they even know what I have in the first place? Do they sneak around or just assume it's what I own?

I would really like to know the answers? Just when was this tax created? Is it outdated? It can not be fair. Why should a guy who buys a backhoe and runs it himself be any different than let's say a private practice lawyer that spent $100,000 on a college education? Is he taxed on his degree or even every law book in his office? And do they charge a sales tax?

What about the tour bus owners/operators that do not have to pay tax on their busses because they are licensed vehicles? What about the trucking company that hauls for hire? And I could keep going.

I am not trying to cause every one to hate me but I do not think it is fair. I used to like living in this town but if the government is going to take from me and blow it on trying to get big business to come to town, I will just move on like the rest. Then they will no longer get to collect the sale tax that I have been collecting & paying for the last 6 years of business. Not to mention the improvements to the community my quality of work offers.

Give me some answers and do it so every one will know right here in front of the rest of the country.

My friend calls me a rebel rouser but I am just tired of paying to see it wasted away.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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