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A day to honor those who answered the call to serve...
by Senator Ted Stevens


November 11, 2004

It has been more than 50 years since I returned home from World War II.  During the war, I served alongside the men and women who became known as the "Greatest Generation."  I was humbled by their patriotism and bravery.  

Today, our men and women in uniform are engaged in the global war on terror.  They are fighting a different war in a different time, but the dangers are just as real and the sacrifices just as heroic. 

The men and women who wear the uniform today are our nation's next "Greatest Generation."  We share a common bond.  We are comrades in the deepest sense of the word, and I salute their service.

This Veterans Day I am reminded of the words of Harold Russell.  The day after the attack on Pearl Harbor Russell volunteered to serve in the army. He lost both of his hands during World War II, and for the rest of his life he lived by this motto:  "It is not what you have lost, but what you have left that counts." 

The history of America's veterans is one of loss, sacrifice, and the legacy of freedom they have left behind. Today, we honor all Americans who have answered the call to serve.



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