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Elections Come and Go, But Trash Builds Up Forever
by Jerry Cegelske


November 10, 2004

I discovered a nice trash pile, (if you can call them that) at 10.5 Mile S.  Tongass two weeks ago.  I was going to write about it then but with all the hoopla about the election,  I thought that someone may think that I was talking about their canidate.  People are still too lazy and cheap to take their trash to the dump.  I found a pile of old carpet, carpet pad, and pieces of glueless laminate flooring.  As you can see from the pictures it makes a nice pile of trash for the State to clean up instead of using the money for snow removal this winter.


The material was probably dumped the weekend of October 22.  If anyone knows someone that recently installed a Traffic Master floor in a Western Hemlock immitation wood, please let me know.  The material may have come from a Home Depot store according to a local flooring dealer I talked with about the material.  They didn't even buy locally!  Talk about cheap!  It may have cost them $12.50 to take the stuff to the dump, but now the state will send a truck with two people 15 miles out, take it to the dump and then back to Highways.  It should cost about $400.00 for the State to pick it up.  Think about it when the budget for snowplowing is used up and your road isn't plowed!
On 11/09/04 the Borough had a white Chevy Nova towed from mile 4.2 S. Tongass Highway.  The person that owned it left it there after it broke down, packed her bags and left town- what a gift to Borough residents.  We will work to recover the costs for towing from the registered owner.
Cheers for Gretchen Klein, a tireless lady, and the members of Ketchikan Youth Court for their exeplary efforts in working to keep North Tongass Highway clean.  They were cleaning the highway on the 23rd of October and did a fantastic job.  Many in the Borough applaud their efforts and appreciate the work they have done.

Jerry Cegelske
Code Enforcement - Ketchikan Gateway Borough

Ketchikan, AK - USA








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