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I thank you with all my heart...
by Tony Knowles


November 09, 2004

This was the greatest campaign ever waged in Alaska. I've never seen anything like the grassroots support and enthusiasm we generated across Alaska. The campaign organization, staff and volunteers were the best. And for that, I am deeply moved and profoundly grateful.

I traveled 25,000 miles across Alaska, from Metlakatla to Point Hope, to cities and villages, to hear Alaskans express their cares and concerns. We talked issues and discussed solutions. Everywhere I went, I was inspired by Alaskans and your ideas and hopes about the future. That's what infused this "Alaska First" campaign with meaning and energy.

We fought for good jobs, accessible and affordable health care for all, local control of education, full funding for full veterans' benefits, defending our democracy from enemies abroad while fiercely protecting our precious personal freedoms at home. Alaskans approach these issues from different perspectives and with different solutions, but I believe all Alaskans are intent on finding the best ways to preserve and enhance Alaska's quality of life.

Susan and I came to Alaska for the opportunities and freedoms that America represents and Alaska still offers. Throughout my career, I have been motivated by the desire to increase that circle of opportunity and deepen that sense of freedom for ourselves, our children and all Alaskans. Many of you joined us - from the campaign trail to the ballot box - in chasing that noble Alaska goal. And, thanks to you, that pursuit was worth every minute and every mile during our marathon run. I thank you with all my heart.

Tony Knowles
Anchorage, AK - USA



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