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Our Community needs a CHOICE in middle schools
by Jackie Williams


November 09, 2004

Dear Editor,

As the parent of a school aged child, I have watched our school district go through many changes, with more to come in the near future. Many of us look forward to the reopening of Schoenbar our one and only Middle School next year and hopefully, in a timely manner, Fawn Mountain Elementary. Our district has a choice of 5 elementary schools, 2 high schools and 1 middle school.

My child will soon be 12 and going into 7th grade next year, I would like another choice for middle school in our community. My son attends the Ketchikan Charter School and it is academically challenging for him. I have seen him rise to the greater expectations placed on him in his first few months at KCS, and I am very pleased with the Core Curriculum and behavioral standards of this school.

I sincerely would like to see him continue in Ketchikan Charter School through 7th and 8th grade. It is my understanding this is a strong possibility. KCS has been working towards this goal and now is the time to implement it. Our community needs a CHOICE in middle schools.

Alas, where would it be housed? Our community leaders have become well versed in housing students. Schoenbar will likely get the students from KCS going into middle school anyway, so why not give our community a choice in curriculum. My suggestion is to have a KCS Middle School in the Schoenbar Middle School Building. Our adolescent Tweens and Teens will be together for social development, sports and activities but with a choice in curriculum.

Thank you,

Jackie Williams
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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