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Political rhetoric and the moral majority
by Ruth Nicholas Cegelske


November 08, 2004

I guess I am just tired of all these many months and years of hearing the so called effective use of speech to gain political or social standings.  Many of us agree that John Kerry is as constant as the changing winds of a bi-polar storm, but still the battle for position from the liberal majority rages on and shows no end in sight.  John Edwards has so much as pledged that "this fight is not over yet".  I for one have had my fill of the hate, dishonor and petty minded dirt that the liberals and many Democrats have seen to so easily toss at anyone that opposes the way "they" collectively or individually think and feel. 

I recently met a person that is a Democrat stretching into extreme liberalistic ideologies.  This person was full of anger, pain, indignant displeasure, and perniciousness that spewed from every pore. 

The democrats say they have offered an olive branch as a sign to the Republicans.  What is the truth behind this offer?  Does this branch simply mean that this is our last chance to be their friends?  What I find odd about this peaceful "olive branch" offer is that the branch seems to be aflame with everything the moral majority has said that they will fight to correct. 

Morality is not just a set of beliefs or even a religion, but involves clear thinking right behavior, conformity to established sanctioned codes.  Morality is a noble arising from superiority of mind, character or of ideals.  Morality is but a state of mind that allows one the confidence to adhere to the highest ethical principals.  This is something that I have prayed the liberals and many Democrats will soon find.  
Ruth Nicholas Cegelske
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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