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Speaking my mind about drugs...
by Archie Inoncillo


November 05, 2004

Now that the voting is pretty much over, I wonder what
people voted for on Proposition 2: The Decriminalization of Marijuana for Adults.

If legalized let's assess the ideas:

  • Legal to adults over 21 (in assumption)
  • open to the free market
  • interest from new companies and existing tobacco companies
  • taxation on product if sold
  • loss of potency to make marketable to public

It's like a truth and consequences thing. For those who are in support of legalization of marijuana, is it really worth it? For most who do use marijuana, obviously it can't be completely a physical or mental addiction. It's a pleasure thing as well. People just love the rush of doing it BECAUSE it's illegal. If it were legalized, the appeal and luster of the dead plant is lost. Does that make using it any more fun after that? It then becomes just a regular thing of everyday life. It's not spectacular to say that you got your special bud, chronic, dank, etc.. etc... Now it's like "I got my Marlboro Weedies" It's kind of like coffee, people need it, use it just because. It's nothing special anymore.

Maybe that'd be a good thing then. It may pass like a fad and become an everday thing. People may go through a "honeymoon" phase for smoking it and then smoke themselves tired of it all.

Tangent pertaining to the subject-- College students do quite a bit of the underage drinking. Some college students get trashed every weekend. I recently spoke to one student, and this person told me that drinking became boring. This student became bored or drinking because it was the only thing to do.

Maybe that will happen to marijuana after a while. People will just grow a tolderance to it and make it part of everyday life.

It still doesn't make that right though. Consider alcohol and tobacco these days. They are still two bad things on our list. Alcohol, impairs judgment. So does marijuana.
Recently in September, two people died due to alochol a related vehicle accident here in Idaho.

Some may refute that they've made it home safely while slightly buzzed. Still, that's dangerous. It's like walking across a rickety old bridge with broken walkboards and very frayed rope. Sure you can get across just fine, but you have to be so cautious and so careful about every move you make.

There are quite a few drug related accidents these days. It's substantially more than a long time ago.

Though I sound like it may sound like a good thing for marijuana to be legal, i really am not in support of it. I am in support of people doing their own thing as long as they're responsible. Responsible meaning, doing something as long as there is very low risk of endangering self or others around.

I just wanted to speak my mind about marijuana. It's something that I believe should be talked about in the next coming years after this election stuff is over.

Thank you Ketchikan and Sitnews.

Archie Inoncillo
Moscow, ID - USA


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