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RE: Outraged hunter!
by Ken Lewis


November 03, 2004

Cody, I agree with your population findings and I agree with your doubt as to a government's ability to count wolves. But your army of one approach will make you unpopular. Having dogs munched in local neighborhoods at an alarming rate and the fact I had a wolf walk right up to me sitting next to a large fire on the beach last year (it was night and he was not blind) and (I was not Kevin Costner) leads me to know things have changed in the wolf population and their behavior towards man. To demonstrate how right experts can be, I along with many observed a pod of Killer Whales toy with and kill an adult sea lion about 15 years ago, they did not eat it. The next day the findings by experts called to the scene (CSI-Marine-land) was (a Ferry had hit this Sea Lion), prop damage. I stood next to this fresh kill Sea Lion (next day) and told the experts what we witnessed; I was told this was not possible! Killer Whales eat what they kill. I think my response was... I thought you guys ate granola, not smoked it. You cannot convince experts with my smidge of an attitude (hint hint) I quit working on adjusting it and bought some golf clubs.

Balance is the key in the deer/wolf populations; unfortunately just like politics, it comes down to blue and red states. Blue and red states are determined by if you hear your neighbor snoring or not. Your assessment may be more accurate than a guy who went to college to earn cash, loving wolf pups. But your basic sense to balancing things will be misinterpreted by makers of Disney movies and documentaries; they will send more body guards to save us, who know not, how to balance Los Angles the city. Turning the wolf into the victim makes a great deal of money. You can probably see the difference between having to shoot Old Yeller and a yeller eyed wolf, some cannot. Fawn hoofs have always been found in wolf scat, but dog collars must be difficult for a wolf to poop out. I would not be surprised if the next wolf documentary we see will conclude with; if pet owners loved animals they would use Colon-Friendly collars. Brought to you by 'wolf's have irritable bowels too foundation'. Pluto can make the difference.

I have passed up all shots on wolf in my time, I do not know if that makes me smart, dumb or not interested in eating Bear or Wolf. Old timers have told me about winters killing large deer populations in the past. And how dropping feed was done by local outdoorsmen to help the deer make it. And yes they thinned out wolf populations. The locals thought they were managing, experts probably thought they were harassing. You cannot drop common sense pills on a metropolis to off set (docudrama awareness seekers) the wolf needs hugs too crowd. Cycles will happen naturally; this downward cycle of the deer population is due to wolf increase, which is my non expert opinion. But experts will find it to be due to people who did not go to college long enough. Or the Cleveland Peninsula logging plan, I told the Forest service wolves should not be able to teleconference at those meetings. You are young enough to hold your fist up high my woodsy little brother; the old timers are considering golf. I am jealous you spend a lot of time in the woods and so are people who refer to majestic splendor as a New York flat with an REI tent in the middle of it, reading stories by the fondue pot about old groaner; the 12 foot Cock Roach with two 45 slugs stuck in his jaw.

Keep reading the signs in the woods Cody, it's a lost art. You will have plenty of time to learn to speak city-television.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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