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Responsible hunting
by Jessica Matthews


November 03, 2004

I read the article by Cody Cowan and felt sadness that he expresses his views in such a way that would give honest responsible hunters a bad name. Comments like this only feed into the anti hunting chants that cause the PETA folks to try and ban hunting. I am hoping that his youth got the better of him. It appears that his perspective about hunting was skewed when he stated he was taught if he sees a wolf to kill it. What a shame that something so honorable could be turned into a reckless disregard for nature as it was intended.

Being a member of an avid hunting/trapping family I really can not agree with his views. Our family would not kill any and all wolves. I would be appalled to kill pups. The seasons for hunting and trapping wolves are not year round and if someone is taking game out of season they should be punished. It is irresponsible and the height of bad sportsmanship. The wildlife in this area is a gift and the wolves were here first.

The wildlife in South East is a renewable resource--only when people try to tip the scales one way or another by hatred, ignorance and greed do things get messed up. As with fishing and logging managing the land is the only way to preserve it for our future. Decimating a species is short sighted and immature.

The article by Mr. Cowan didn't say if the hunted for food or sport, it didn't say that he harvests the deer for his table, which I hope he does. He also didn't address that taking a healthy ADULT wolf can be profitable if you skin and tan the hide. Heck those tourists that were mentioned will buy just about anything. Of course, recovering the hide requires work and a lot of it. The over all picture I got from the article was of a very young man that can't stand competition from another predator, one willing to break the law and who thinks he is entitled to something above others.

I hope that image of a hunter is not the one left in the minds of people. Rather, take away a different one that of a responsible hunting family that hunts together providing food for themselves and others. Our children understand what a firearm can do; they know what is real and not a loony tune. The effort and time spent hunting and trapping bonds us together; we value life and hunt responsibly so that generations after us can do the same.

As bad as I dislike others attempting to end hunting piece by piece one law at a time, I also see no value in a careless hunter that by their example of bad sportsmanship helps to erode a great way of life.

Jessica Matthews
Ketchikan, Alaska


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