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Over reaction?
by Janet Engle


November 01, 2004

I feel very sad and discouraged about the letter from Steve Hudson that I read in Saturday's weekend paper. Why was he not notified about the picture of his five year old on a politician's lap? Because it was not obviously an issue to the politician.

I can only conclude that Steve is voting against this particular person so any reason to oppose him was a good one. In this day and age where everyone is suspect to being a sex pervert I guess, yes, we should all be prepared at all times to think about the consequences of our actions no matter how innocent they may seem or feel at the time.

What is so sad is that not everyone thinks or feels that way. And they should not. Over reaction - definitely! Can we trust our teachers to make the right decision? I think so!


Janet Engle
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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